INFO - Coronavirus COVID-19:

  • For several weeks, all sanitary measures have been taken in the airport to allow you to travel safely. Please note that protection mask are mandatory in the terminal.
  • Flights : Please check live flight statuts on our app and website. If you have any question, please contact your airline for more information
  • Shops & Services : All rental compagnies are opened. Other shops such the lounge "La croix du Sud" are currently closed.

More details about Coronavirus :

Your Consignment

The freight network

All destinations are accessible from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport thanks to a developed network of direct services and a lorry network for when the destination does not have a direct air link with Toulouse.

The procedure

Whether you are an individual customer or a professional, you have two possible options :

  • Contacting a forwarder forwarder to manage the supply chain for your consignment.
  • Directly contacting an express delivery company that will cover all of the steps in the supply chain, from collection to delivery. This option manages all of your operations and works in conjunction with government institutions

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