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Presentation of Freight services

Our aims

  • Developing air freight services from the airport platform
  • Promoting "air freight" activities by creating links between shippers and cargo agents
  • Ensuring the necessary coordination between different professionals on the platform in order to successfully complete all freight operations
  • Managing a quality and security policy

General Air Cargo Terminal

  • 20,400 m² of warehouses and office buildings for the use of cargo agents, with direct access to the restricted area.
  • Customs services and veterinary services are present on the platform.
  • An 8,000 m² area for handling traditional freight (with a management capacity of 50,000 gross tonnes).
  • 2,400 m² of office buildings are available for freight forwarders and government institutions.

Differents kind of freight

Express Freight

Express freight is characterised by quick and efficient logistics to provide door-to-door delivery as quickly as possible. This freight is transported on board aircraft dedicated to “express” or integrator airlines.

Conventional freight

Conventional freight corresponds to goods transported on board regular service aircraft or by truck from the platform.

This freight is processed under an air waybill by forwarding agents. Conventional freight transportation is a very diverse activity, which can range from the transportation of very high value-added electronic parts to the transportation of animals. Packages may therefore weigh from 1kg up to several metric tons.

Charter freight

This type of freight corresponds to goods transported on non-scheduled flights. Charter aircraft are essentially used for specific transportation needs.