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People with reduced mobility

When you make your reservation

To ensure the best service quality and to reduce your waiting time as much as possible, it is essential to indicate your needs to your airline or travel agent when you make your reservation or at least 48 hours prior to your departure.

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Upon arrival at the airport

Special accommodations have been made to welcome people with reduced mobility:

  • parking spaces (90 spaces for people with reduced mobility located throughout the car parks)
  • adapted terminal shuttles / car parks
  • adapted airport / city centre shuttle
  • 4 telephone terminals are available for people with disabilities. Outside : one next to the tramway terminal, one at the arrivals Hall B, one at the arrivals Hall D and one at the departures Hall C.

People with reduced mobility - passengers

The  counter is located in the Hall C Departures level near exit 5. It welcomes people with reduced mobility from the firts to the last commercial flight, 7 days a week. Staff members are present to evaluate the handicap, assume responsibility of the passenger or direct him or her to the self-service areas.

Assistance on departure : From the airport arrival to the plane or boarding area depending on the airline process and handicap.

Assistance on arrival : From the plane to the arrival level

Call points are available to all passengers with reduce mobility, they are located : 

Outside the terminal :

  • Departure level - Hall C 

  • Arrival level, next to the Tramway and on the 3 main entrances.

Inside the terminal :

  • Departure level, counter for passangers with reduce mobility
  • Arrival level, Information point

Equipment available to passengers in the terminal

  • Self-service wheelchairs

Recommendations for better service

  • Inform your airline about your handicap when you make your reservation, or at least 48 hours before your flight.

For those individuals who do not follow the recommendations laid out above, the assistance service will do its best to handle requests, but a certain waiting period is, however, possible.