E.g., 20/09/2019
Scheduled hourDestinationAirline(s)Flight numberObservationCheck-inGate
19 h
19:00Paris OrlyAir France
  • AF 6141
  • BE 4267
Taken off 19:08D02-D10Gate 21Follow this flight
  • FR 1994
Taken off 19:42B17Gate 51Follow this flight
19:15Brussels CharlerRyanair
  • FR 2106
Boarding openedB18Gate 51Follow this flight
19:20Paris-CDGEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 3964
Taken off 19:14C22-C25Gate 31Follow this flight
19:25Paris OrlyAir France
  • AF 6143
Taken off 19:35D02-D10Gate 26Follow this flight
  • V7 1519
Taken off 19:37C21Gate 34Follow this flight
19:35NantesEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 1707
Taken off 19:40C22-C25Gate 09Follow this flight
19:45NiceEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 1737
Boarding closedC22-C25Gate 07Follow this flight
19:55Paris OrlyEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 4032
Boarding openedC22-C25Gate 31Follow this flight
20 h
20:00Paris OrlyAir France
  • AF 6145
Taken off 20:10D02-D10Gate 25Follow this flight
20:30Paris OrlyAir France
  • AF 6147
Boarding openedD02-D10Gate 22Follow this flight
20:40Paris-CDGAir France
  • AF 7527
  • SU 3092
  • AM 6180
  • AZ 2981
  • CZ 7490
  • G3 5076
  • MK 9137
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate 26Follow this flight
20:55Paris OrlyEasyjet Europe
  • EJU 4034
Check-in openedC22-C25Gate 34Follow this flight
20:55Paris OrlyAir France
  • AF 6149
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 20:20Follow this flight
20:55NantesAir France
  • AF 1087
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 20:20Follow this flight
20:55LilleAir France
  • AF 1418
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 20:20Follow this flight
21 h
21:00RennesAir France
  • AF 1199
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 20:25Follow this flight
21:20LyonAir France
  • AF 1647
Check-in openedD02-D10Gate displayed at 20:45Follow this flight
21:40MadridIberia Express
  • I2 3641
  • VY 5317
D14-D15Gate 54Follow this flight
  • FR 282
Check-in openedD12Gate 53Follow this flight
  • EZY 8340
Check-in openedC22-C25Gate 51Follow this flight
21:55London LutoneasyJet
  • EZY 2078
Check-in openedC22-C25Gate displayed at 20:15Follow this flight

Schedules are subject to change without notice. This does not in any way engage the responsibility of Toulouse-Blagnac Airport.

May we remind passengers that they should arrive at their departure gate at least 30 minutes before their flight is scheduled to leave, taking into account the time required to reach the departure gate, including checks and controls. Whatever the status of your flight, please arrive before the deadline for registration set by your airline.